Henan plans 8855 post-disaster reconstruction projects with a total investment of more than 600 billion yuan

On August 13, the Henan Provincial Government Information Office held the fifth press conference in the series of “Henan Province Speeds Up Post-disaster Reconstruction”. It was reported at the meeting that as of August 12, 7,283 damaged projects in the affected areas had been counted, covering key areas such as farmland water conservancy, transportation facilities, municipal engineering, social livelihood, energy, and logistics. In combination with the above-mentioned situation, Henan has established a major post-disaster reconstruction project library in the province. On the one hand, it will do a good job in the reconstruction of disaster-damaged projects. On the other hand, it will speed up the replenishment of water conservancy and flood control, urban waterlogging prevention, ecological environment security, emergency material storage and other fields. Ability to be short-board, effectively responding to natural disasters that may occur in the future. At present, 8855 reserve projects have been planned, with a total investment of more than 600 billion yuan.

Post time: Aug-25-2021